About us

Ecoplan In Medio was founded in 1994, moving from traditional environmental issues towards more complex challenges within sustainability and innovation management.

Ecoplan In Medio consists of Lotta Göthe and Maria Losman, who both have been active in the field since the 90’s. Reoccurring themes of interest to us are transportation, public transport, energy and public procurement. We often work together with other experts to solve assignments.

Maria Losman


Maria Losman has been working as an adviser at Ecoplan In Medio since 1998 and before that at the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC). Maria Losman is primarily working with change-processes in organisations with societal- and company-use orientations with the connection to sustainability issues and supply chains. Maria is one of the few who has been working with environmental requirements in public procurement, in particular with regards to travel and transport.

Maria has a vast experience of leading collaborations with different associates such as municipalities, regions, the Swedish state, companies and Universities. Maria has a very good insight into political organisations, not least through her own political assignment in the Swedish municipality of Kungsbacka.

In 2011 Maria together with Lotta was awarded ”Entrepreneur of the year” in the city of Gothenburg

Lotta Göthe


Lotta has been working as an adviser at Ecoplan In Medio since 2003, in recent years with special focus on development in joint projects with public and private enterprises, especially in the areas of energy and sustainable transport. What Lotta enjoys working with is at the same time challenging.

Lotta, with an education in both Ecology and Marketing, has a broad background both as an employee at a municipality and in a large company as head of environmental issues. Also working with the introduction of an innovative product in a startup company, a fuel saving system for heavy transports, where Lotta worked with business planning, finances and project management connected to the product. For over 16 years she was a member of the jury and chairperson for the Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development. In 2011 Lotta together with Maria was awarded ”Entrepreneur of the year” in the city of Gothenburg. For four years Lotta was member of the board for the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences SLU.

She has been an employee at Ecoplan In Medio since 2004.


Ecoplan was founded in 1994 and was one of the first environmental consulting companies in Sweden. “Miljöbyrån Ecoplan AB” went through different ownerships after the founder Jakob Lagercrantz left the company in 2002. The company has been led by Maria Losman and Lotta Göthe since 2006, who amongst other got the achievement “Årets Företagare” (entrepreneurs of the year) in 2011. The name of the company was changed in 2017 to Ecoplan In Medio as we focused the business to better suit what we are doing at the present.